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TTT Global propagation

The TTT (Tsunami Travel Times) CD-R contains specialized software used to calculate first arrival times for tsunamis. Our program is used by numerous organizations to estimate predicted tsunami travel times from bathymetry on a geographic grid. TTT uses the long-wave assumption and employs a 64-node Huygens construction method to solve for the propagation of the wave front. Due to the extensive node-search the resulting travel times are almost free of artifacts caused by the rectangular grid. Significant new improvements in TTT 3.0 included:

Now, TTT 3.1 adds the following enhancements: Finally, TTT 3.2 adds the following enhancements: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: TTT 3.2 is a self-contained program and the POSIX-compliant C-source code can be compiled and installed on any computer running either a 32- or 64-bit version of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or UNIX. Its disk space and memory requirements range from modest to extensive, depending on the size of the user's region of interest and the grid resolution. Memory allocation is dynamic, so large grids can be accommodated given enough memory.

USER INTERFACE: TTT 3.2 is a stand-alone, command-line program. This is the most flexible solution since it may easily be invoked from the user's custom user-interface, shell-script, or directly on the command line. TTT returns one of ~25 status flags upon completion, allowing the calling environment to detect error conditions and take appropriate action. The TTT package also comes with the command-line tool TTT_PICK, which can sample the travel-time grid at specified locations where Estimated Times of Arrival (ETA) are requested.

BATHYMETRY DATA: TTT 3.2 is distributed with several versions of global bathymetry, all derived from the latest ETOPO-1 data set . The resolutions of the data sets are 1', 2', 5', 10', 15', 20', 30', and 60'. In addition we supply a global 30" grid derived from SRTM30+. Except for the 30" grid, the courser data sets have been filtered in the slowness domain to avoid aliasing and bias that would result from filtering in the bathymetry domain. Users may also use their own bathymetry grids in the GMT native short integer or float formats.

ANALYSIS AND MAPPING: The free, open source GMT programs are strongly recommended for further grid analysis and general plot making, and for conversion into other grid formats.

All DVD/CD-ROMs are compatible with installations under both Unix/Linux (incl. Mac OSX) and Windows operating systems.


TTT CD-R Version 3.2.1 December 2011.
ttrom V. 3.2 icon This CD-R contains the latest version of the Tsunami Travel Times software. The new version 3.2 provides installations for both Unix/Linux/MacOSX systems and Windows and is fully ANSI-C/POSIX compatible. The CD-R contains premade global bathymetry grids at 30 arc sec and 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 arc minute resolutions. TTT is independent of GMT; however, GMT is recommended for analysis and plot making. For more details, click here.
Unit Price: $ 650.00. S/H adds $ 5.00. Place your order via PayPal.
TTT CD-R Version 3.2.1 December 2011 UPGRADE FROM v 3.1.
ttrom V. 3.2 icon Special $600 discount for registered users of TTT version 3.1.
Unit Price: $ 50.00. S/H adds $ 5.00. Place your order via PayPal.
TTT CD-R Version 3.2.1 December 2011 UPGRADE FROM v 3.0.
ttrom V. 3.2 icon Special $350 discount for registered users of TTT version 3.0.
Unit Price: $ 300.00. S/H adds $ 5.00. Place your order via PayPal.
TTT CD-R Version 3.2.1 December 2011 UPGRADE FROM v 2.4 or earlier.
ttrom V. 3.2 icon Special $200 discount for registered users of TTT version 2.4 or earlier.
Unit Price: $ 450.00. S/H adds $ 5.00. Place your order via PayPal.


Our most recent product is a digital PDF of a poster-sized (A0, i.e., 33.11 inch x 46.81 inch or 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) Tsunami Travel Time Map than can be customized to show travel times to your coastal city or location. Just specify city (or exact coordinates), the name of the location (e.g., Newport, Oregon), and we generate a custom digital map in vector (PDF) format. Depending on need, you can retain copyright and print as many copies as you wish, or you can select a more limited copyright. Note: The travel time contours indicate travel times to the specified coastal location from anywhere on the map. Given an earthquake anywhere in the Pacific you can immediately read off the estimated travel time to your place (but not to any other place).


The map shown below was customized to show predicted tsunami travel times to Honolulu from any earthquake location around the Pacific Rim, and reduced to 20 dpi; to see examples of the map at full resolution, zoom in on Seattle. or Honolulu. If you have any questions about the map, your location, or copyright issues, please e-mail us before ordering.

Custom Tsunami Travel Time Map for Pacific Basin, Version 1.0.
ttmap V. 1.0 icon This PDF map shows tsunami travel time contours on top of a beautiful azimuthal equidistant shaded relief map with seismicity, past tsunamigenic earthquakes locations, plate boundaries, capitals, and large coastal cities. You specify any coastal city (or location) and Geoware computes the travel time grid and places the custom contours on the map. The shaded color relief image resolution is 300 dpi at full (A0) size and derives from a 30x30 arc second global relief grid. You are free to print it at any size you wish, but legends and annotations are most visible if plotted at A3 or larger size. We will work with you to ensure the correct location, location name, and title are plotted.
Choose between two types of copyright:
  1. RESTRICTED (Geoware retains copyright): PDF is for personal use and you can make up to 5 copies. You cannot distribute the PDF or maps to a third party. This copyright is suitable for individuals, small businesses/agencies and is less expensive.
  2. OPEN (The customer receives copyright): You are entitled to make any number of copies and do as you please with the PDF. This copyright is suitable for larger agencies that may wish to make numerous copies and possibly distribute the map to other entities (e.g., schools). Consequently, maps equipped with this copyright are more expensive.
Unit Price: $ 395.00. RESTRICTED: GEOWARE RETAINS COPYRIGHT. NO SHIPPING, just digital download. Place your order via PayPal.
Unit Price: $ 995.00. OPEN: CUSTOMER RECEIVES COPYRIGHT. NO SHIPPING, just digital download. Place your order via PayPal.
Unit Price: $ 10.00. Add CD-ROM Delivery of PDF via Airmail. Place your order via PayPal.

For CDs/DVDs, Shipping/Handling charges include Worldwide Airmail shipping. We recommend you order and pay using your credit card with the above free PayPal service, available from most countries. Alternatively, we accept (1) Company Purchase Orders or (2) Pre-payment by check in US dollars drawn on a US bank (no Eurochecks, sorry), or (3) by bank wire (see details on order form). If you cannot use PayPal, please fill out the order form and preferably (a) send it with your electronic purchase order by e-mail, or (b) print and send it with your purchase order OR check payment to

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