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We currently offer two DVD-R products. The Geoware GMT Companion DVDs only contain data sets. You may order the Data companion DVD for a stunning 38.3 Gb of data and the SRTM Data Companion DVD-R 3-volume set for ~67 Gb of 3x3 (global) and 1x1 (US) arc seconds SRTM topography grids. All CD/DVD-Rs are compatible with both Unix/Linux (incl. Mac OS X) and Windows operating systems.

  1. Geoware GMT Data Companion DVD-R 2.4 (Apr-2012)
  2. Geoware GMT SRTM Data Companion 3 DVD-R set (Jun-2008)
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GMT Data Companion DVD-R Version 2.4 April 2012.
dvdrom icon This DVD-R contains about 38 Gigabytes of data that can be used with the GMT and Geoware software. It comes with installers for both Unix/Linux/MacOSX systems and Windows, For more details, click here.
Unit Price: $ 100.00. Shipping/handling adds $ 15.00. Place your order via PayPal.
GMT SRTM Data Companion 3 DVD-R Set Version 2.0 June 2008.
dvdrom icon These three DVD-Rs contain the entire Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) 3x3 arc second global data, the 1x1 arc second US data, and the SRTM coastline boundary shapefiles for about 67 Gigabytes of data. The Geoware tool extract_srtm is used to combine tiles into a single grid for a user-specified region. The three DVDs provide installation for both Unix/Linux/MacOSX systems and Windows. For more details, click here.
Unit Price: $ 250.00. Shipping/handling adds $ 20.00. Place your order via PayPal.

Shipping/Handling charges include Worldwide Airmail shipping. We recommend you order and pay using your credit card with the above free PayPal service, available from most countries. Sorry, we cannot process credit cards directly.
Alternatively, we accept (1) Company Purchase Orders or (2) Pre-payment by check in US dollars drawn on a US bank (no Eurochecks, sorry). If you cannot use PayPal, please fill out the
order form and preferably (a) send it with your electronic purchase order by e-mail, or (b) print and send it with your purchase order OR check payment to

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